Construction of the new Ewangan village began in May 2016 on land adjacent to the Maasai Mara national game reserve and was completed in August 2016.  The village comprises 25 houses, in a typical circle, surrounded by a branch fence.

The major design features of the houses and the village include the replacement of open wood fires with clean cook stoves to remove indoor air pollution, solar lighting and electricity, access to clean water through a solar pumping system, toilet and shower facilities to eliminate water borne diseases and improve health conditions.

The community supports the poorest and elderly, providing them with their own houses and food. Within the community there are more than 200 people including 130 children.

The village is actively working towards improving environmental conditions in the community and trading centre. This includes providing access to clean water for the settlements, encouraging efforts to manage waste products, installing a local waste incinerator and establishing waste collection, separation and recycling.

At the beginning of 2017, the village began a project with the local primary school to enable children to learn about their environment and improve biodiversity and soil quality through the construction of a nursery for medicinal plants. Key villagers are working with staff at the school  to teach pupils about the care and traditional uses of plants. The village will plant these trees in a medicinal forest being established on village land for local use and eventually the wider community.